37 Attractive Dramatic Make-ups Makes You Look like Goddess

Make-up has become one important way to show our personality and character. Whether you’re glamming up for a wedding, office party, or some other special occasion, you need a make-up to gorgeous and match the dress. And on some special occasions, we need to draw some special dramatic make-up to make you goddess and breathtaking. But what if you’ve never created a dramatic makeup look before? How do you pull it off without coming off cartoonish? So, I’ll cover tips for creating a wearable but fashionable makeup look even if you’re a complete beginner to makeup in this blog. Reading on if you are interested pleased.

Although Smokey eyes are usually leaden or dark in color, you can also accomplish a Smokey eye look with three shades of any color. You simply need one light shade, one medium shade, and one dark shade of that color. Instead of the definitive black Smokey eye, opt for gilded, gray, or bronze. To create a Smokey eye look, apply the middle shade to the entire surface of your eyelid.
Then, apply the light shade to the inner corner of your eyelid as well as right below your eyebrow on your brow bone. What’s more, bit the light eye shadow shade to the inner corner below your lower lid. Why not use a full-coloured and bold slogan can be used to highlight the features of makeup. And the point of makeup is to emphasize the outline of the face.

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