Like This Simple Design

Change, never be late, it always happens when you decide to change! The world, we cannot change. But, ourselves? It can still be changed. Although the hardcover room saves a lot of worry about the decoration, the product of mass production does not reflect the temperament and functional needs of the homeowner. In the face of the place where you have to live for more than ten years or even half a lifetime, you still have to think hard to make your own thoughts. The way it wants.

Under the premise of not changing the pattern, by changing the color and material of the original hard decorative surface, enriching the space emotion, removing the cumbersome lines on the top, and making the whole space clean and tidy, making the original plain space full of texture. The perfect combination of hard and soft, dreamy gray marble, gray painted wallboard, suede sofa, metal coffee table, yellow eggshell chair, different materials, saturation of gray and a touch of bright color alternately play a rich layer of symphony.

The furniture in the works is designed and customized by us. The styles are more selectable, and the color and fabric can be changed freely to make the whole more harmonious.